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In the year 2120, space elevators lift man and materials high into space.  
A shield surrounds the earth to control the intense rays of the sun.  Without
the shield, the earth's inhabitants would die.

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What is a Space Elevator?

A space elevator is a proposed structure designed to transport material from a celestial body's surface into space.
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Log Line

After recovering from a tragic accident at a futuristic space elevator station an aerospace engineer’s resolve is again put to the test when he finds himself forced to prevent the earth's destruction at the hands of what seems to be a renegade group of environmental terrorists.


Gordon Welkin and Jona, two space elevator engineers modify the orbit of a degraded satellite.  Jona fumbles with his tether and in a miscommunication dies by falling to earth.  Four months later Gordon wakes up at the earth elevator platform in the Galapagos Islands.  Gordon works as a tour guide while recovering psychologically from the ordeal of Jonas’s death.  He leads a group of six space tourists to the Casino Space Station at geostationary orbit.  All six complete the extensive security screening that includes voice recognition and DNA scanning to board the High Lift space elevator.   Gordon takes them to the Casino station on an elevator climber.  Dr. Delma Werner who Gordon mentored in the past is the station commander.  Delma greets Gordon and his guests at the receiving station.  Soleil, a French jeweler asks for a little tour of the climber they will be taking the next day to the shield control station.  Soleil damages the communications devices to the shield control station, and defeats the security on the climber.  She races to the shield control station.  Soleil kills a technician who is loading a nuclear waste container aboard the elevator climber, and she sends the nuclear waste container plummeting toward earth. &nbps; Gordon follows in quick pursuit of Soleil who begins a chain of mass destruction that not only involves killing of crewmembers, but also results in a threat to the space station's and the earth’s very existence.   Soleil eradicates the shield that protects the earth’s delicate ecosystems, and mayhem ensues.  Gordon with his faithful team fully engages himself in efforts to stop Soleil and save Earth.  While under danger and duress, Gordon devises a plan to thwart Soleil.   Gordon and his group of unlikely heroes prevail.